Tabitha Kraack

Executive Director

North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation

Meet Tabitha Kraack, who was born and raised in North Idaho and calls Harrison her hometown. Summer is her favorite season because you’ll find her running, biking, paddle boarding, in the mountains hiking or trying to golf. Tabitha enjoys many hobbies, going on adventures and giving back to her community. She loves live music and believes she should have grown up in the ’70s (the best decade for music). The most important thing to Tabitha is her family and friends — she wouldn’t be where she is without them.

Tabitha started her nonprofit career with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Clarkston, Wash., then moved to the Boys and Girls Club in Billings, Mont., and in 2014 came home to work for the Boys and Girls Club of Kootenai County. She then went to work for the Children's Village as their gift officer, working with donors and fundraisers. She is now the Executive Director of the North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation and loves working with and partnering with many organizations in Kootenai County such as Kootenai County Police and Fire Memorial Foundation, Distinguished Young Women, CDA Skate Park, Bike CDA, Lake City Bike Collective, Boys and Girls Club, Coeur d’Love and Children’s Village.

As Tabitha puts it…

“I have always been in love with the North Idaho Centennial Trail and call it a second home. I feel I have a dream job doing what I love. I get to be active outside, connect with the community and be a part of some of the best events in our city. I also love that I work with a board that is very passionate about the trail and supports the new and creative ideas I bring to the NICTF.

The trail is the heart of this beautiful city. The NICTF connects many communities and people together. I am passionate about health and fitness and know this is one of the key pieces in our community that supports active lifestyles. We also have so many amazing events and races here and without this trail, they wouldn’t exist

I love to do things to the extreme, from running a 50K in the mountains to helping my friend write his first book. I love to play and watch most sports, but I also read poetry books every day.

Take care of North Idaho and do your part in making it better. Help keep it clean, welcome positive changes and be kind to your neighbors. Leave it better than you found it.”

Board of Directors - As of May 2019

Executive Committee

Doug Eastwood - Board Chair 

Tim Keaty - Board Vice-Chair

John Bruning - Board Past Chair

Mike Schaeffer - Treasurer

Vacant - Secretary

Jennie Eggelston – Member At Large

Board Members-at-Large

    ·        David Groth

    ·        Randy Haddock

    ·        Rob Palus

    ·        Tim Keaty

    ·        Jennie Eggleston

    ·        Sandy Young

    ·        Ned Tower 

    ·        Cindy Livingston

    ·        Dani Zibell-Wolfe

    ·        Mike Schaeffer

    ·        Lance Bridges

    ·        Terry Godbout

    ·        Maggie Schenk

    ·        John Bruning

    ·        Tim Keaty

    ·        Doug Eastwood

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    The Economic Impacts of the North Idaho Centennial Trail on the Regional Economy is available now, Economy Impact Study 2019.pdf

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